Meghan Markle believes Prince Harry will wake up and it was a Massive Mistake to marry the Duchess!

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Posted on: 24 Dec, 2022

Netflix documentary!

Meghan Markle asked Harry for help finding an English guy before she met Prince Harry, speaking out about the pair following the release of their Netflix documentary.

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Massive mistake!

According to British TV personality Lizzie Cundy, the former Suits star befriended at an event in London, the Duke of Sussex will one day realize his massive mistake in marrying the Duchess.

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Cundy met Meghan!

In 2013, Cundy met Meghan when they seated next to each other at a pre-dinner for a Caudwell Children charity event.

Credits: Irish Mirror

Love an English boyfriend!

Cundy and Meghan became friends, and the future Duchess told her that she would love an English boyfriend.

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The royal family is stepping down!

Cundy spoke on an episode of TalkTV about the couple and the claims the Sussexes have made against the royal family since stepping down.

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Cundy believes Harry has left his wife!

Host Ash Gould interjected: 'I hope their marriage will last and it does not; Harry will be welcomed back into the fold.' Cundy agreed the Prince would be welcomed back if what happened.

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Being a Hollywood princess!

Wales and Gould questioned if Meghan married Harry for money. Where Cundy said no, he explained that she believed it was for love, but 'I don't think when she got into the royal family.'

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