15 Dec, 2022


Meet the Performers Who Play the Young Replicas of Your Favorite ‘Wednesday’ Characters

By FactsWow Team

Wednesday Star Cast Includes

The star-studded cast of 'Wednesday,' which also features the talented Jenna Ortega and the renowned Catherine Zeta-Jones, has drawn the attention of Netflix users.

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Upcoming actors

But the show's numerous flashback sequences have also allowed viewers to see younger iterations of beloved characters, played by up-and-coming performers you might not be familiar with yet.

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Mortica and Gomez holds maximum screen space

Young Morticia and Gomez Addams, in particular, receive quality screen time as they relive their earlier memories at Nevermore Academy.

Credits: Netflix

Nevermore Academy

Where Wednesday is currently enrolled in boarding school and Gomez was previously charged with murder.

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Younger versions are significant

These younger actors contribute to the plot's complexity and provide background information on how each character came to be who they are today.

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It's always amazing to observe how the talented 'Wednesday' hair and makeup team manipulates time for each character.

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'Wednesday' characters

Discover everything we know about the performers that played the younger versions of our favourite 'Wednesday' characters, from specific Addams Family members to the enigmatic Nevermore personnel, by reading on.

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