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Meet Madonna's six children in this extensive guide

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Madonna's motherhood

The Queen of Pop considers motherhood one of her greatest achievements, even though she's best known as the Queen of Pop.

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Recent photo clicks

A throwback photo of Jennifer Lopez's kids from January 2016 was captioned, 'It is possible to be an entertainer and a good mother!' 'Too bad we don't live in a society that promotes strong independent single working mothers! The next frontier!'

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Experiencing motherhood for the first time

The Evita actress gave birth to her first child in October 1996, and she and her then-partner, trainer Carlos Leon, split two years later.

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Lourdes - 14th October 1996.

In 1996, Madonna discovered she was pregnant while filming Evita with her boyfriend, Carlos Leon. She titled her first child 'Little Star,' in honor of her first child.Rocco - 11th August 2000

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Rocco - 11th August 2000

After splitting, it was a heated custody battle between Madonna and Ritchie over Rocco. Madonna's eldest son lived with his dad in London as a teenager. 'She's a great mother,' Rocco said to Ellen DeGeneres about his mother in 2012.

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David Banda - 24th September 2005

As a baby, Madonna adopted David Banda, who became obsessed with soccer in 2017. Madonna moved her family to Portugal to give him a chance to pursue his dream.

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Mercy - 22nd January 2006

Mercy was adopted by Madonna when she was two years old and was named after her by the musician in July 2017. 'Happy birthday, Chifundo! We love you!' she wrote via her Instagram Story on her daughter's 17th birthday party in January 2023.

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Stella and Estere

Upon their adoption by Madonna at age five, the sisters made their presence known via their Instagram accounts. They also have a combined account for sharing their friends and family's photos.

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