17 Dec, 2022


Medusa, an excellent horror movie of the year 2022, is here for you!

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New entries of independent movies!

New entries established franchises like SCREAM to independent movies which hit the box office like Barbarian and Terrifier 2 in 2022’s crop.

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Brazilian horror movie!

The case of Anita Rocha da Silveira’s Medusa is a Brazilian horror movie that deserves more love than it got.

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Release of Medusa!

Medusa premiered at 2021's Cannes Film Festival, only in 2022, as the movie was released beyond festivals. It got a theatrical run starting on July 29 before being available on several digital platforms.

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Medusa is about!

Medusa is about a gang of young Christian women wearing masks and going out at night to hunt sinners. The lists of targets are feminists, lesbians, and even women who dare to walk alone at night without covering their bodies.

Credits: Wicked Horror

Is Medusa on your Watchlist?

Medusa is a supernatural horror movie that helps to get the mood for the weird things we witness in the movie. It serves as a registry for a grim period in Brazil. Never miss the movie; bookmark it in your Watchlist.

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Medusa Tropes!

Medusa uses the demonic possession trope to justify the changes the protagonist goes through. The movie follows religious and faithful people.

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The runtime of the movie!

Medusa could be better as it might challenge patientless viewers with 129 minutes of runtime. The movie puts style above substance, offering an intriguing story of rage and female liberation.

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Best horror movies!

Medusa is the best horror movie that was released in 2022. It's something unique to the horror genre.

Credits: Bloody Disgusting

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