17 Apr, 2023


Mcu's Shield Mistake Has Finally Been Fixed With Secret Invasion

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Managing The Avengers

A decade after Phase 1, Secret Invasion will finally remedy a SHIELD mistake. SHIELD largely controlled the Avengers in the early days of the MCU.

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Dissolution Of The Agency

Nick Fury remained a leader of SHIELD even after the agency was dissolved despite many figures coming and going.

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Finished The Mission

Secret Invasion will finally tell the story of his right hand, Maria Hill, who couldn't have completed the mission without his support.

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Avengers Initiative Coordination

Her first appearance was in The Avengers for SHIELD's Deputy Director, which aided Fury in coordinating the Avengers Initiative.

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Shining Opportunity

Maria has never had a chance to shine independently, even though she's appeared in several MCU projects since Phase 1.

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Confesses To Secret Invasion

Cobie Smulders confirms Secret Invasion will bring much-needed depth to her character, giving the MCU a chance to honor an icon.

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Timely Contact

As a constant presence in the MCU alongside Nick Fury, Maria Hill has proven herself a skilled agent and a reliable contact time and time again.

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Supporting Role Recognition

Despite her apparent abilities, the MCU still needs to give her character the emotional depth she deserves, despite her recognition as a supporting character.

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A Deep Dive Is Required.

Maria will be forced to dig deep and think on her feet due to the Skrull Invasion, especially due to the untrusting nature of the Invasion.

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Histories Of Comic Books

There has yet to be a full view of Maria Hill's full potential in the MCU because she is a prominent character with much comic book history.

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Yet To Be Demonstrated

In her MCU appearances, she has mostly proved her skill as a support for Nick Fury but has yet to demonstrate much more about herself.

Media Credits: Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki - Fandom

Story With The Most Details

Cobie Smulders has confirmed that it will be Maria's most detailed story yet. Secret Invasion will finally honor one of SHIELD's most prominent leaders.

Media Credits: Europa Press

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