24 Dec, 2022


Mayor Eric Adams Presented A Giant Portrait Of Himself At A Christmas Party

By FactsWow Team

The Christmas Gift

Mayor Eric Adams received a giant painting of himself as an early Christmas present. According to a source, partygoer Pol attended friend Adam Clayton Powell IV's Christmas party last week, where he gave a speech at New York's Hidden Lane bar and was given a giant portrait of himself.

Credits: Daily Mail

The Artist

It is said to be a work by an Ecuadorian artist named Gotashi. The painter did not respond to an email seeking comments.

Credits: artesolon.com

The Portrait

This painting is a portrait of Mayor Eric Adams in a suit with a large Statue of Liberty.

Credits: Shutterstock

The Election Campaign

Sources said that Mayor Eric Adams wished everyone a safe holiday and thanked Powell for his early support during the election campaign.

Credits: New York Post

The Funeral

Mayor Eric Adams attended Powell's funeral, held at the same venue last year, alongside Manhattan borough president Gail Brewer and Nicki Minaj's mother, Carol Maraj.

Credits: The Village Sun

The Christmas Party

The mayor held a holiday party. He made a surprise appearance at the New York Post's Christmas party on Wednesday

Credits: New York Post

Adams’ Joke

During the party, Mayor Eric Adams joked to the sources reporters that this column 'covers me more than any other column.

Credits: New York Daily News

The Enjoyment

Mayor Eric Adams has been in office for almost a year and has enjoyed quite a few nights.

Credits: Page Six

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