09 Jan, 2023


Mayfair Witches: A Definite Guide On Cast List And Characters

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Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario played the lead role in Mayfair Witches as Dr. Rowan Fielding. She looked brilliant in the trailer and depicted several complex shades in her character. Fielding came up with an awful discovery that altered her whole life forever. She became the heir of the powerful witches’ family.

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Jack Huston

Jack Huston put off the Lasher role in the Mayfair Witches show. He has the astounding ability to shape-shift and indulges in aiding the Mayfair family. The series will expect Lasher to act the main role in the decease of Mayfair Characters.

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Harry Hamlin

Harry Hamlin gets into the character of Cortland Mayfair for the new mystical drama series. He is the family's patriarch and plays a crucial role in the storyline. He looked stunning in the trailer, and onlookers can expect a wonderful performance from the actor.

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Tongayi Chirisa

Tongayi Chirisa plays a new character in the show Ciprien Grieve who shows a blend of two characters, Aaron Lightner and Michael Curry. The trailer dons Ciprien to guide Rowan throughout her discovery of the magical world. An amusing romance is also involved in the TV series.

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Annabeth Gish

Annabeth Gish played the role of Deirdre Mayfair, who dons the estranged mother of Rowan. From the book series, Deirdre was nurtured in an abusive, controlled household and institutionalized in her mental health settings.

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Beth Grant

Beth Grant performs the role of Carlotta Mayfair, who is the elder one of the Mayfair witches. She was a reagent for the deceased of two sisters, Antha and Stella. She is a jealous and hateful woman in the series, and onlookers will be excited to view her framed through a seasoned and talented actress.

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