Matt Smith discusses Morbius' failure and breaks his silence

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Posted on: 05 Aug, 2022

In its eagerness to expand the arachnid universe, Sony Pictures plans to bring to the screen several films based on characters from it. After the success of the last trilogy of Spider-Man, Sony Pictures plans to make more films about characters from this universe. 

Morbius made its debut in the theaters this year after several postponements and is one of the films that made this list. It was starring Jared Leto after several postponements.

While the studio put forth efforts and had an Oscar-winning actor in the lead role, the film flopped. Just $160 million was grossed at the premiere of Morbius It.

Their erratic box office performance was matched by their poor film reviews. Neither the cast, the script, nor the staging makes the film directed by Daniel Espinosa stand out in any way. 

In addition, there have been several occasions when fans have made the title of the film into a trend, both for good and for ill. In the recent months that have passed since the launch of Morbius, those who are responsible for its production, including the study, have opted for silence. 

It was Matt Smith, the British actor who will soon return to the small screen in Game of Thrones prequel and spin-off House of the Dragon, who decided to speak about it.

The film stars Smith as Lucien, a young man who suffers from the same disease as Michael Morbius, character of Jared Leto, who plays the character of Michael Morbius in the movie. 

Despite the passing of the years, Michael and his friend remain friends as they search for a cure that will extend their lives. Michael becomes a vampire when he follows his instructions, which isn't what he expected.

According to Matt, both critics and audiences tossed Morbius overboard during the promotion of the long-awaited show. He and his co-stars, however, both acknowledge that it's something they have to deal with.”

The movie was not good, and Matt Smith admits it, but he also has to deal with the fact he was thrown under the bus as a result of it. The only thing you can do is roll with it. What else will you do? The movie doesn't save lives, it is just a movie. Ultimately, I wasn't able to make it work so ... It is what it is.' he said bluntly.

It wasn't Smith's best work, but he has already demonstrated his versatility as an actor. With his charismatic role in Doctor Who and portrayal of the young Duke of Edinburgh in The Crown, Smith has a bright future ahead of him.

The fantasy drama House of the Dragon will feature him in a role that is sure to be talked about in the coming weeks, that of Prince Daemon Targaryen.

While Sony Pictures continues to make progress with its intent to expand the Spider-Man Universe, the company continues to expand its plans.

Morbius is not the only project currently in post-production at the studio; Kraven the hunter stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and madam web stars Dakota Johnson.

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