Matt not-so-subtly revealed Rachael is pregnant to Bachelor Nation

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Posted on: 01 Aug, 2022

Bachelor Nation, there might be a baby on board! A video that former Bachelor Matt James posted on Friday, July 29, didn't seem significant to viewers until the very end. A few seconds into James' Instagram clip, it looked like he and girlfriend Rachael Kirkconnell were about to welcome a baby.

Matt James' Instagram post sparked a lot of rumors that Rachael Kirkconnell may be pregnant, whether he was being cheeky or sneaking a hint to Bachelor Nation.

During the video, James hopped into a silver Altima and raced around town to do errands such as pick up groceries and grab a coffee from a drive-thru. During the last few seconds of the commercial, the real star emerged: a baby car seat.

This Nissan Altima that I have will be able to get me in and out of all the places I need to be, so that when this day comes — that's right, it's coming — we'll have enough room for the entire basketball team.

Pause to pick your jaw off the ground, because it doesn't sound like he could be any clearer that he and Kirkconnell are planning a baby.

Even though it is possible that the car seat moment was just an indication that James and Kirkconnell want to have children down the road instead of immediately, the IG post was quickly flooded with comments from Bachelor stans who implied that James was announcing Kirkconnell'sr yet, so fans will just have to sit tight to see what happens.

As the Nissan advertisement implies, there might be children on the way, but some fans speculate that the car seat in the advertisement is just a red herring to distort the truth.

As for whether or not Kirkconnell is planning to have children, some fans speculate that it might be true based on a comment Kirkconnell made in an interview with Us Weekly on July 15: “The only timeline I give him is, ‘I've got to have kids before, you know, I can't have kids.''

Even though the couple had a very rocky start to their relationship, they have now been together for a year, and maybe starting a family together is what they should do next.

I believe that until the lovebirds make an official announcement regarding their pregnancy, the pregnancy rumor will remain just that: a rumor. In any case, hopefully, the hint does indicate that we are going to have a Bachelor's baby shortly.

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