Marvin Gaye's Wife, Jan, Has Passed Away at Age 66

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Posted on: 07 Dec, 2022

Janis Hunter Gaye

Janis Hunter Gaye was Marvin Gaye's second wife, and she was the inspiration for a few of his songs.

Age 66

Janis Hunter Gaye died at age 66, but no one knows what killed her.

Ed Townsend

During a 1973 recording session, producer Ed Townsend put Hunter Gaye in touch with Gaye.

I Want You

Gaye wrote 'Jan' for her and put it on his album from 1974. I Want You, his album from 1976, was a love letter to her.

Gaye and Hunter Gaye

Gaye and Hunter Gaye got married in 1977 and stayed together until 1981, when they split up.

Daughter of Slim Gaillard

She was the daughter of the singer and musician Slim Gaillard and ran the career of her daughter, the singer and actress Nona Gaye.

Nona Gaye

Hunter Gaye put together the famous outfit that Marvin Gaye wore to a concert in 1974. Nona Gaye said that in spirit, her mother spoke for her father.


Her son Frankie, her sister Shawnn, her brother Mark, and her grandson Nolan are all still alive.


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