Marvel Officially Cancels Christmas

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Posted on: 20 Dec, 2022

Spiderman is at fault

The latest chapter of the Marvel Comic Amazing Spiderman and Dark Web Ties Christmas is canceled by Spiderman. J Jonah Jameson says New York is gone to Hell.

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Stealing holiday cheer

Ben Reilly's Chasm and Madelyne Pryor's Goblin Queen unleashed the army of evil monsters. Spiderman is stealing all the Holiday cheer and Christmas.


Front Row seat

In the new Spiderman, Zeb Wells and Jonah Jameson have front-row seats. To witness everything happening in NYC while the Dark Web Crossover happens.

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The attacks

Demons attack the bystanders, and some inanimate objects come to life. To ruin all this, Spiderman comes to kidnap Jonah.

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Ben is compliant

Ben was the hero of the Scarlet Spiderman, and he was on standby even when Peter didn't do the single duties. Everything changes when Beyond Corporation manipulates him.

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Cascading failure

Due to this, Ben loses memories and thinks Peter is hiding things from him. Ben becomes Chasm, a dark version of Spiderman who will steal everything from Peter.

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Help from Xmen

It is stated that Spiderman should derive help from Xmen in future editions of the Dark Web. But we never know when the rivalry between Spiderman and Chasm ends.

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