Marvel Endgame Controversial Twist. What Will Phase 6 Be Like For MCU?

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Undoubtedly, Iron Man’s death is one of the craziest moments of the MCU. But now the arrival of Armor Wars made the fans question if Rhodey was even real the whole time. Armor Wars arguably have an Iron Man Problem in Phase 6 as it seems that Skrull replaced Rhodey during Avenger: Endgame.It impacted everyone who was linked with Stark in the universe. There is now uncertainty about whether the real Rhodey was present in the movie, to begin with.

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Where Is Real Rhodey?

In the Secret Invasion Finale, it was seen that the real Rhodey was freed from a Skrull pod and directed back to the facility. Within this time frame, it may be possible that Rhodey was replaced by a doppelgänger.

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Does it mean real Rhodey was missing the entire time in the MCU timeline? It suggests that he was missing since Captain America: Civil War to be exact. It could be due to two things.

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Human Rhodey was still suffering from injuries In the final scene of that movie, he was still in a hospital gown.This raised a lot of controversies.

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Phase 6 Controversies in the MCU

If Rhodey is not real then the human War Machine might be missing ever since the death of Tony Stark in Avengers: Endgame. The War Machine must be absent in a lot of notable events in the MCU’s timeline.

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Eventually, it creates a mighty problem, i.e. War Machine Problem of MCU Phase 6.Iron Man created a War Machine super suit in the endgame. It creates an interesting issue since it may be possible that Rhodey may not know how to use the super suit. Especially, the absence of Iron Man or Jarvis on Rholey’s side increases the chances of it.

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However, it may also be possible that Pepper Potts can give a hand to Rhodey in his War Machine. But her knowledge of the suit might not be enough as it only revolves around the ‘Rescue Armor’ of Mark XLIX. So Rhodey may have limited assistance from her side as well.

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Future Of Rhodey

While it is a possibility, James Rhodes will then be needed to catch up on the years he was missing. He also needs to know what Skrull’s replacement of him was doing in his place. If the war injuries are still fresh and new in his mind, then he requires to learn about his injuries.

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The director of Secret Invasion told the press, “Given some requirements for the next movie', including the directive that he had to 'make sure that Rhodey's legs don't work for Armor Wars',

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An exciting future is tied to future installments for Rhodey. He might team up with Iron Heart or White Vision. Though his life may be complicated in the future as suspected in Armor Wars, his character will have a spotlight like nobody else. As for War Machine, hints are dropped that he will be the successor of Iron Man officially.

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