Martell Holt, Melody Shari's ex from 'Love & Marriage', hasn't changed. He remains disrespectfu

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Posted on: 30 Jul, 2022

Love and Marriage: Huntsville' star Melody Shari believes her ex-husband hasn't had enough time to become a better man before switching to Sheree Whitfield and says the evidence is online.

She thinks Martell Holt really needs to improve himself, but she is afraid he is still the untrustworthy guy she got married to back in 2008.

RHOA' star Sheree and shirtless Martell were spotted taking selfies together, and sources say the two have been dating for months.

The same way everyone else does, Melody found out about their relationship through the Internet, and she also learned that her kids had already met Sheree.

Although she's not shocked, she does remember how Martell's previous child with another woman was secretly introduced to her kids.

Despite Martell's vocalizations regarding boundaries with their children after they split last year, Melody says this is the same old, same old as him. She would handle this differently if her children were involved.

Since the split, Melody has worked on herself, finding that she is fine healing alone while focusing on her children and business.

While we were in Sandy Springs, GA, we spoke to Sheree, who told us she and Martell met through mutual friends and are introducing him to friends and family.

Melody sure seems to be waving all sorts of red flags, even though Sheree isn't asking for her opinion.

Source: tmz

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