Marilyn Mystery: Did Marlin’s Body Missing After Her Death

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Posted on: 08 Dec, 2022

Icon Marilyn Monroe

Icon Marilyn Monroe was seen dead at her residence in LA home in 1962, but it is secret what happened with her body.

Rumors on Her Body

Some rumors swirled around that her body was left for hours and went out missing when her body was found.

Speculation suggested Marilyn’s body

There is speculation that suggested on her body that nobody has found, and she was even abandoned for ten hours on the same day she died.

Autopsy made by Dr. Thomas Noguchi

Years later, Dr. Thomas Noguchi, who went through the autopsy on Marilyn, claimed that the samples taken for toxicology report were ‘faded away’ or ‘destroyed.’

No proof found

After destroying her samples, no proof was found, and no confirmation was made on whether or not she went missing.

Went missing in the Local morgue

There is no evidence to prove the claim that Marilyn has been missing. However, her body was allegedly left in the local morgue.

Almost unrecognizable after her demise

The actor was found lifeless and nude in bed, stated housekeeper Eunice Murray. She was noticed as ‘Almost unrecognizable’ after her demise.

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