Love is blind: Vanessa Lachey's Body Diversity Comments are addressed by Danielle Ruhl

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Posted on: 30 Jul, 2022

There are multiple factors that contribute to a couple's success on Love Is Blind, but appearances are not one of them. Vanessa Lachey gave her best guess at why fuller-figured contestants don't make it past the first phase.

Due to this crazy swipe generation and catfishing world we live in, 'their whole life they have been insecure about being themselves,' she told Insider. However, Danielle Ruhl, a contestant from season two, told a source that Vanessa's comments are not entirely accurate.

During the show, Danielle, who shared her experience with body dysmorphia, remarked, 'There were certainly more confident women than myself who took part in the experience, irrespective of their physique.' In spite of this, Danielle fell in love with Nick Thompson, whom she married at the end of season two.

In regards to the rest of the contestants, Danielle suggested they were not insecure or anxious about finding a partner. It was evident that people of all body types, etc., were confident, enthusiastic, and optimistic about finding love, she said.

'Weight does not and should not define someone's confidence, and after getting to know each woman, their confidence shone through and I admired them.'

There was a point made by Danielle regarding the fact that relationships are based on mutual feelings, and people may not wish to pursue a relationship outside of the pods.

She explained that some women had developed feelings for men on the other side of the wall. However, it is also highly dependent on the manner in which the men interact with one another.'

The host's remarks don't hold any ill will against Danielle, as she was simply expressing an opinion. 'The hosts were not involved in much during our time in the pods, so her comment could have been a result of an assumption or something she heard from other members of the team.'

As a result of spending less time together during filming, Danielle was able to see Vanessa's true colors a little later in the process, saying, 'After becoming acquainted with Vanessa on a personal level, I find that she genuinely cares for the cast.'

There can be no doubt that Vanessa defends the contestants aggressively. She criticized Abhishek's 'Shake' Chatterjee during the season two reunion show after he stated that 'love is not purely blind' and that he could not form a deeper connection with someone who is not visually appealing.

The host responded by telling him that he was on the wrong reality show and urging him to 'do better.' to which we say, 'Amen!'

source: yahoo entertainment

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