27 Dec, 2022


List of top movies that gave their best performances of 2022!

By FactsWow Team

Michelle Yeoh – Everything Everywhere All at Once!

In her turn as Evelyn Wang, Michelle Yeoh vowed to the audience. The entire film showed her ability to play multiple parts. She shows off her moves in some of the best action scenes of the year.

Credits: NPR

Cate Blanchett – Tar!

Blanchett carries easily as a special performer to carry a movie like Tar. She is the composer caught up in a scandal and conducts a symphony of emotions with her eyes and hands.

Credits: Vouge

Brendan Phraser – The Whale!

Brendan's performance in a sensitive movie, The Whale, is a mean-spirited prank. The actor does his best in his career, which makes him care about the character.

Credits: IndieWire

Austin Butler – Elvis!

Austin is a man possessed in the biopic about Elvis' life. The movies and musicians overflow with energy, hip-shaking moves, and catchy tunes.

Credits: People.com

Anthony Hopkins – Armageddon Time!

Anthony has been in dozens of movies, won two Oscars, and given the most memorable characters in history. He delivers a speech about racism that affected our country that makes positive vibes on his character.

Credits: Stylist

Janelle Monae – Glass Onion!

Monae walks with the movie as suspect No.1; she is framed next to the Mona Lisa in multiple shots, reminding her to watch her eyes throughout this whodunit.

Credits: Den of Geek

Daniel Craig – Glass Onion!

Daniel is a hoot when he puts on the linens. The detective is a mix between Poirot and Porridge, a classy snoop that sounds like a drunk redneck.

Credits: Town & Country

Jessie Buckley – Women Talking!

Jessie has been working from Beast to The Lost Daughter for nearly ten years. She deserves an Oscar in Woman Talking. Some of her past films still need to improve.

Credits: W Magazine

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