Lisa Kudrow is jarring with her Physical Appearance after seeing her Friend's Co-star

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Posted on: 14 Dec, 2022

Body image

Lisa appeared on the Podcrushed podcast in August. She spoke about how she felt when she saw her co-stars Jennifer Anniston and Courteney Cox in clothes.

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Lisa looks different

Lisa said she was skinny, especially in high school. Now when she looks at the pictures of Friends, she feels distorted.

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Jarring and Dieting

Lisa was losing weight for the famous sitcom Friends. She was dieting because she had to shoot.

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The Distorted Clothes

Lisa was triggered by her appearance and her co-stars Jennifer and Courteney in clothes.

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At first, Lisa thought the Costume Designers would fix it or it was tailoring. She once asked her co-stars to help her in the changing room, and when she looked at their bodies. She was surprised at how clothes distort reality.

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Lisa is wiser

Lisa Kudrow's perception of body image changed after she grew older. Now she is happy doing whatever she wants as long as she is healthy.

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Lisa, as Phoebe Buffay

Lisa Kudrow starred in the famous sitcom Friends alongside Jennifer Anniston and Courteney Cox. It ran from 1994-2004

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The Trio

Recently when Lisa lost her mother, Jennifer and Courteney showed up for her. Lisa said that no matter where they were, they would always show up for each other when needed.


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