Line up for Sundance 2023 includes Anne Hathaway, Cat Person, and others

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Posted on: 08 Dec, 2022

Sundance Film Festival returns to Park City

The Pandemic has finally ended and marks the arrival of the biggest Film Festival. It will take place in Park City, Utah 2023.

The Stars who will join the event

Anne Hathaway, Jonathan Majors, Ben Platt, Alexander Skarsgård, Geena Davis, Julia Louis-Dreyfu, and more will join the film festival.

Sundance will launch high profile title

Titles From various popular directors and some discovered artists in the competition categories.

The US Dramatic List

It includes ten years long All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt, a feature directorial debut of Raven Jackson. The top producers in Moonlight Oscars won Barry Jenkins and Adele Romanski, and their title Aftersun is critically most adored.

In competition

The Major Vehicle Magazine Dreams will be a part of the competition along with costars Taylour Paige and Haley Bennett and platted coordination of Theater Camp.

Age Drama Sorcery

Pablo Larrain from the Chilean Mexican for old age drama directed Spencer is included in the film festival.

Ben Whishaw, Alice Englert, Jennifer Conelly

Some of the popular names in the line. Whishaw is popping up in various categories and more the title Passages.

MVP of Sundance

Emilia Jones, who last attended the festival with CODA, was the first movie star to bag an Oscar. Now she leads the file of Cat Person. A story adapted by Michelle Ashford from Kristen Roupenian'.

Great sign

This year's Sundance festival great sign is festivals making a comeback of that reputed and popular directors.

Online Availability

Most of the Movies will be available online for the online audience. It jarks the continuity of Sundance's focus on increasing accessibility over the years.

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