24 Dec, 2022


Lindsie Chrisley gets emotional over Christmas without waking up her son!

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Son Jackson!

Lindsie Chrisley shares her son Jackson who is ten years old, with her ex-husband Will Campbell whom she divorced in October 2021.

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Instagram reel!

On Friday, Chrisley shared an Instagram reel featuring her and her son Jackson and the Christmas decor in her home. She sends holiday wishes to all her followers.

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Emotionally prepared!

Chrisley began in the caption, ‘Merry Christmas from us to you, ‘I have tried my best to emotionally prepare for this as I am a big believer that nothing can prepare you for waking up on Christmas morning without your child.'

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Hanging on the Christmas tree!

She shares her son Jackson with her ex-husband Will Campbell and references custom ornaments that were seen hanging from her Christmas tree.

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Significance of the ornaments!

Chrisley said, 'The ornaments mean nothing to you, but splitting special things like this through my divorce devastated me.'

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Chrisley and Campbell split!

In July 2021, Chrisley and Campbell announced their split after nine years of marriage, and in October 2021, the divorce was finalized.

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Spending Christmas!

In an interview, Chrisley said she spent Thanksgiving with Jackson and plans to spend Christmas .

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Longtime couple in prison!

Todd and Julie were convicted in June and are in prison; Todd is 12 years behind bars and 16 months probation. Julie also received seven years in prison with 16 months probation. Chrisley revealed that she had not seen them since.

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