22 Dec, 2022


Lil Wayne Gets Sued By His Chef For A Termination Blunder

By FactsWow Team

Wrong decision

Morghan Medlock, the head chef of Lil Wayne, sues the rapper after she said he fired her because she went home to take care of her injured son.

Credits: YouTube

Wrongful termination

Lil Wayne is accused of wrongful termination and various labor malpractices by his Chef Morghan.

Credits: Yahoo Finance

Heavy damages

Morghan claimed she has been working with Lil Wayne for quite a long time. She is asking him for $500,000 as a penalty.


Lil Wayne's Chef

The documents claim Morghan traveled with Lil Wayne as his Chef during the Memorial Day Weekend.

Credits: Lil Wayne - Lil Wayne Zimbio

Emergency call

During this tour, Morghan got a call saying her ten-year-old was injured, and she had to go back to see him in a hospital in LA.

Credits: YouTube

Immediate Hospitalization

Morghan's son suffered a head injury and needed a quick and immediate hospitalization,, as per the reports given by her.


Well aware of duties

Since it was a very critical decision for Morghan and she was aware of her job in LA, she said it was important for her to be with her son.


Carter's issue

While Morghan left, she said the flight was delayed due to Carter smoking Marijuana on the plane. Hence she left on another connecting flight. She informed Carter's assistant and thought they would understand her situation.

Credits: Chef Morghan

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