Liberal Journalist Aaron Rupar, CNN, and NYT Twitter account suspended

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Posted on: 16 Dec, 2022

Liberal Accounts

Twitter suspends the Twitter accounts of liberal Journalists like Aaron Rupar and some CNN, NYT, and The Washington Post reporters. These platforms covered Elon Musk.

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Rupar's account was suspended

Aaron had 788 000 followers suspended and restored the account after it followed the movements of Elon Musk from a private Jet.

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Musk needs Privacy

While Suspended, Elon notified that He was okay with the Criticism but invading his private life and family was not. Musk wrote that these accounts would be suspended for a week.

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Media Rival

Musk suspended the media rival platform Mastodon, CNN, Drew Harwell of The Washington Post, and Ryan Mac of The New York Times. These all were covering Elon Musk. So Elon said seven days of detox from Twitter would be good.

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Rupar's Statement

Rupar clarified, stating he didn't violate any privacy rights by disclosing the location of his Private Jet. It was completely unjustified to have his account banned as per Him.

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Free Speech Champion

Twitter also suspended Micah Flee of The Intercept. He issued a statement saying Elon is promoting free speech; on the other hand, he is banning journalists. Double standards.

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Ruper published a Substack Article

Noah Berlatsky wrote an article criticising Musk. Ruper published it with an unpleasant title, and his account was suspended.

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Rupar's at Vox

He is an Associate Editor at Vox, is an independent journalist, and covers national politics. He covers politicians like Trump and Sean Hannity.

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Commitment to free speech

Elon reluctantly purchased the San Francisco-based company at $44bn. He tried to purchase the jet tracking account but was later denied because of his commitment to free speech.

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