'Unlocking Adventure: Discover the Most Intriguing Ten Things to Do in Central Arkansas This Weekend (Aug. 18-20)!'

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The Spice 1 Show

There will be another show at Little Rock, the show will be hold by a famous rapper at a good location there which is called “Bar & Grill”

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Food Preservation Class

In this show you can learn how to preserve pickled lady finger food that will be beneficial for you. It will take place at Robinson Road.

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Live Laugh Show

On Sunday, you can see a show that will make you laugh alot and make your mood which will be held by a famous comedian Feimster.

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Argenta Art Walk

Argenta will have a show on Friday, where you can see the artworks of the beautiful district and take inspiration. You can have a drink and have snacks too during the event.

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Orangutan Day

You can visit here with your family and kids. There will be an exhibition of toys and get knowledge about how you can save the ancient species of the animals at the Little Rock Zoo.

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Space Rockers Return

During the weekend, the band celebrated their return with two shows at a time that took place on different place and gathered alot of people in the celebration

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Arkansas Retro Expo Show

You can see this show at the location of Hotel Hot Springs, but only on Saturday. You can shop from there from the stalls of video games, cloths and also the comic book store.

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Largest Christian Musical Festival

It is only a two day event going to happen at the end of week in Benton. There will be popular headliners to report. The best part the entrance is free and it will remain open to people at 3pm and 1pm on Friday and Saturday respectively.

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Led Zeppelin Show

Led Zeppelin Show People can see a performance of the musical show which is Arkansas based which will be exciting. You can buy the tickets wit the price of $25 at 7pm on Saturday.]

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Rock Hosting at Arkansas

It will be happening on Saturday and Sunday. There will be 100 shops where you can explore. Tickets price is from $5 to $7. You will witness music shows, fashions shows and some DIY stalls.

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