Lauren Boebert Won In Colorado's Third District

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Posted on: 14 Dec, 2022

Lauren Boebert wins

Lauren Boebert has defeated a Democrat, Adam Frisch, in Colorado's Third Congressional District, said this week by the Colorado secretary of state.

Credits: The Denver Post

Boebert's final vote

Boebert got 50.06% votes in the final, while Frisch with 49.89%, Secretary of State Jena Griswold said in a news release on Monday.

Credits: Denver Westword

Colorado's elections are Safe and Secure

Griswold said in the statement that Colorado's elections are safe, accurate, and secure. Frisch concluded the race from the last month, though the Colorado secretary of state's office made a sudden recount.

Credits: Colorado Newsline

A margin of 0.5% or less

Colorado decided the race through a margin of 0.5% or less of the votes earned by the top finisher. The Democrat told a live Facebook that it didn't expect such results to change, and Frisch didn't want fundraising to happen.

Credits: The Hill

The Closure of Race Surprise Political Viewers

The closeness of the race leaves the political viewers in surprise. Boebert won the 2020 election through 51.4% of the vote, and the seat won by President Donald Trump is nearly 8% points in 2020, which became 'more Republican after redistricting.

Credits: Reuters

A Referendum Election in Washington

Through the drive, a previous Aspen city councilman and a Democratic local businessman made the entire election a referendum on the hard-hitting of controversial tenure in Washington.

Credits: The New York Times

Ilhan Omar was a terrorist

The congresswoman made news headlines when she shouted at President's Joe Biden states of the Union address as he helped US veterans in March and speculative suggestions in 2021 that Ilhan Omar was a terrorist. Later on, Boebert felt apologized.

Credits: The Philadelphia Inquirer

A political newcomer in 2020

A political newcomer in 2020, Boebert, was distraught by Rep. Scott Tipton in GOP Primary a year later. She is meaningful assistance in Colorado by positioning herself as a close ally of Trump.

Credits: Politico

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