16 Dec, 2022


Laura Ingraham discusses the importance of the Respect for Marriage Act on Fox

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Joe Biden signed the law

He signed the bill on the White House lawn and celebrated the document of Legislation, celebrating the bipartisan. However, there are certain critics from Republicans.

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Ingraham said

The celebration held by Joe Biden was over the top and extravagant affair. It was named as Respect for Marriage Act. The bill restricts freedom and religious rights.

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Restricting rights

Ingraham states, be it a Muslim, Catholic or evangelical. Now they won't have the rights as the bill discards them.

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Protecting interracial marriages

The Respect for Marriage act was introduced to protect interracial marriages amidst the controversy of the Supreme Court overturning the landmark rulings like Obergefell vs. Hodges. It officially legalised same-gender marriage.

Credits: The Guardian

Valid Marriages

Legislation should recognize each state and the validity of each state where they are performed.

Credits: The Cable

Undermine Religious belief

Some critics have opposed this, strongly saying the act cab undermine religious freedom. The law concludes federal protection for religious beliefs.

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The Legislation tells

The diversity of beliefs and gender roles are considered and sincerely based on people and good and religious premises.

Credits: The Guardian

Republicans who support the act

Senators Todd Young and Joni Ernst have defended the law and stated it's for protecting religious freedom.

Credits: ABC

Celebration of the Law

Biden celebrated the Marriage Act law and said it was a good day. It was a vital step by America towards liberty and justice. Activist Cyndi Lauper attended the event and spoke in favour of the bill.

Credits: Daily Mail

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