23 Dec, 2022


Laguna Beach alum Taran Torreiro shares his family's emotional reaction to 'Oops Baby' on the way

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Having Another Baby

While daughter Hudson toddlers 2-year-old Isabella, Mama is having another baby, he explains. Bronson tries to lift Daniel's shirt and says she wants to see it!

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The Screams

There, Daniel assures him. another baby! He screams and jumps in excitement while Torriero stares at the camera.

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The Caption

Whoops, as of June 2023, the couple captioned the hilarious video. The couple married in June 2014, welcoming Bronson in 2017 and Hudson in 2020.

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Torreiro mentioned Mommy To Be

Last month Treiro was featured on Dear Media's Back to the Beach with Stephen and Kristin podcast. Lauren Conrad has joined former on-air rivals Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti in clearing up misconceptions about his 2004-06 series.

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Good News

The Laguna Beach alum Talan Torriero (36 years old) and his wife, Danielle, shared a video of their surprise as they learned they have a third baby in a joint Instagram post on Wednesday. She knew it, she freakin' knew it, Danielle says in the video.

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The Player Status

She feels like Talan took it upon himself to be that guy, Cavallari, 35, said of Torriero's 'player' status. And that's what she loves so much about it.

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It's terrible

'He did,' said Conrad (36 years old), but this is terrible. They were always like, Everybody wants Stephen, but he was hooking up with Talan. Cavallari chimed in.

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The TikTok Meme

After hearing that his name was confirmed on the podcast, Torriero jumped on the popular meme on TikTok, posting a photo of his friend and immediately syncing the iconic lyric to Taylor Swift's 'Antihero'; she is that person.

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The Competitors

Though Conrad and Cavallari were painted as competitors for Colletti's heart on the show, the women revealed on Tuesday's podcast that Torriero was the one they were hooking up with while filming the show's first season.

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