02 Jan, 2023


Kody Brown of Sister Wives stated that marrying Meri has been havoc ever since

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New Insights

Kody is giving new insights into the cooked-up story of Meri Brown and telling why the split has happened.

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Not together

It has been 30 years since the marriage, and still, Kody and Meri are not together, and they give out the reason in a Sunday special episode.

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One on One

Meri said they have a lot of history, and Kody has decided not to love her and move on. It simply indicates they are not married now.

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Plural marriage and Young age

Kody shared another view as he stated that the couple got married very early and had to start a family without the wherewithal.

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Hard Relationship

Although he married Meri, Kody said it had never been easy. It was a tough relationship for him.

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Blessing of Dilution

After that, Kody married Janelle Brown. It was a dilution, completely diluting his equation and marriage with Meri. But he also said plural marriage was an issue since they were bringing more people into the picture, which was uncalled for.

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Weird experience

Kody recalls when Meri and Janelle moved into the same house. It was a weird experience altogether.

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In the triangular phase

Kody said he was in an established relationship with a woman with whom he didn't get along. Then he made another person a part of the story, and it's strange.

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Children for the rescue

Kody recalls having Christine and said to dismiss the mess between the triangulation. They started having children. They had a more unified focus even though the strain was huge.

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In the storm

Kody said it happened after Kody and Meri's honeymoon phase. It was a storm. They tied the knot in 1990 and welcomed their child Leon Brown in 1995. Later he married Christine and Janelle.

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Kody and Christine parted ways in 2021 after 25 years. Very recently, Janelle disclosed that she, too, has separated from Kody. He is now married to Robyn.

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