02 Jan, 2023


Kim Jong Un Announces The Replacement Of The Vice Chairman Of The Central Military Commission

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The 2nd Most Powerful Military

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has dismissed his next most powerful military official. According to state media.

Media Credits: CNBC

The Central Military Commission

Park Jong Chon was the vice-chairman of the Central Military Commission of the ruling employees’ party and the Party Central Committee secretary.

Media Credits: Np

Ri Yong Gil As New Key Person

According to KCNA's official news agency, Park Jong Chon was replaced by Ri Yong Gil at the committee's annual general meeting last week. No reason was given for the change.

Media Credits: DW

The Leadership

Pyongyang regularly updates its leadership, and the year-end party convention was often used to announce personnel changes and important policy decisions.

Media Credits: The Japan Times

Kim Jong Un Hosted The Party

Kim Jong Un heads the party's Central Military Commission, considered the country's most powerful military decision-making body, above the Ministry of Defense.

Media Credits: NBC News

Pak Jong Chon’s Replacement

Pak Jong Chon's replacement came as Kim Jong Un called for developing new ICBMs and larger nuclear weapons to counter the United States adefedefencerea as key to North Korea's 2023 defense strategy.

Media Credits: UPI

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