Kickstart your holiday with Backstreet Boys; they are back with their music!

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Posted on: 10 Dec, 2022

Backstreet Boys!

Brain Littrell, Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Kevin Richardson, and Howie Dorough are the Backstreet Boys. They are back on stage this holiday.

The boys are back!

The Boys are releasing a holiday album, ‘A Very Backstreet Christmas’, which was 29 years after their formation.

Finally, the concert began!

The five middle-aged men perform synchronised choreography in matching white outfits, singing about youthful desire and dying cell phone batteries.

Get ready for the holiday season!

The boys dropped their music video for ‘Last Christmas’ which shows the boys are up to their usual goofy antics.

Upcoming special!

‘A Very Backstreet Holiday’ by Backstreet Boys, airing on ABC on December 14. The rest of the albums are on Spotify.

Boys performance!

This year, the boys are performing at several iHeartRadio Jungle Balls including New York and Boston.


Backstreet Boys' swoon-worthy harmonies and infectious beats defined late 90's pop cultivating a fandom that's sustained them through the 21st century.


Band member's departures for a solo career over the years, in post-pandemic DNA tour, is the latest of many comebacks through the decades.

Boys rise to fame!

The group rose to fame with their international debut album Backstreet Boys 1996 and released their second international album Backstreet Back in 1997.

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