17 Apr, 2023


Kevin James & Adam Sandler: The Best 7 Film Collaborations Ranked

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A 2011 made film, Zookeeper is solely the collaboration between two actors under which James performs as a lead role, and Sandler couldn’t appear on-screen any kind. Sandler leads the voice of the talking monkey. It includes Nick Nolte, Don Rickles, and Sylvester for voice-casting.

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Grown Ups 2

A 2013 amazing sequel, Grown Ups 2, is easily available on Freevee. You can watch the movie from the beginning till the end. It follows the lives of the original characters in their hometown after Lenny (played by Sandler) moves back to be near his friends and family.

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A 2015 comedic movie, Pixels revolves around aliens who misunderstand an arcade video game like an act of war that causes them to attack the Earth for classic games. You can rent this movie on Vudu. It is a perfect example of Sandler and James’s genuine friendship.

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Hotel Transylvania 3 Of Summer Vacation

The franchise duo Hotel Transylvania: Summer Vacation is voiced by Kevin James as Frankenstein and Sandler as Dracula. Currently, the movie is streaming on Fubo, wherein you catch the funniest character of Dracula.

Media Credits: Amazon.in

I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry

A 2007 duo, ‘I now pronounce you Chuck & Larry,’ is the story of two firefighters, Larry and Chuck, which you can watch on Tubi. Sandler plays the role of Chuck, while James as Larry. It is a controversial film because of violent homosexual stereotypes.

Media Credits: Prime Video

Grown Ups

This 2010 movie, Grown Ups, can watch on Apple TV wherein Adam Sandler gathers his famous friends in Grown Ups, where five buddies reunite at a lake house to honor their late basketball coach on the 4th of July weekend.

Media Credits: Prime Video: Grown Ups

Sandy Wexler

A 2017 duo movie, Sandy Wexler, is now available on Netflix in which Adam Sandler portrays talent manager Sandy in 1990s Los Angeles in Sandy Wexler, and Kevin James joins as one of his clients, expanding their history of on-screen collaborations.

Media Credits: IMDb

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