Ken Jennings Impressed With Blind Guess Strategy On 'Jeopardy!'

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Posted on: 28 Jul, 2022

Jeopardy! is an iconic television game show. The game show has been a part of pop culture for decades, bringing many contestants on stage to compete. It follows, then, that multiple strategies have been deployed behind the legendary Jeopardy! A podium for each contestant.

A clip from Overheard On Set recently revealed how one contestant has a super unique approach. Jeopardy! was notified of the moment! On the game show's official Twitter account, fans expressed their appreciation Tuesday night.

Jeopardy! is shown in the clip. As co-host, Ken Jennings breaks down how the contestants give their answers on the game show. During this discussion, a contestant mentions one of our favorite Disney characters, Winnie The Pooh.

Ken Jennings asks the contestant if he has heard the story before. He is likely to respond to a clue that this contestant answered correctly. The contestant, however, explains that he is more likely connected to the track by association than experience.

Seeing the category, he immediately thought of Winnie The Pooh, he tells the presenter. It's 'smart' advice, says Jennings, who was very impressed with the technique. Players have a few minutes to gather all sorts of information after a category announcement, thinking about what they might know that fits the category.

Jennings suggests that one should imagine all the vice presidents one can imagine. Consider all the animal-themed books!” Another contestant says it's called 'blind guess.'

The studio was impressed with Ken Jennings' musical knowledge after a particularly challenging round of Final Jeopardy. The contestants didn't seem sure what to say with a clue that read, 'This singer was inducted into the Hall of Fame twice as a solo artist and as part of a rock band.'

His answers were Beyonce, Tina Turner, and Gwen Stefani, all wrong. However, Jennings points out that the assumptions were sound.

It soon becomes clear that Stevie Nicks is the correct answer. Though Jennings was quick to note that earlier predictions weren't too far off. Plus, he displays an impressive knowledge of music trivia!

As Jennings watches Final Jeopardy!, he says, 'We discussed other alternatives this morning.' The round ends. There's also Carole King, Tina Turner, Diana Ross in the class twice because she's now a songwriter too,' he continues.

'The first was Stevie Nicks. If you debut more than 25 years after your debut, you're eligible,' says the host. 'I guess it's true that Gwen Stefani must be getting closer,' Jennings clarifies. 'Child,' he adds.

Source: newsbreak

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