06 Jan, 2023


Ken Jennings disclosed the Heartbreaking Conversation with Alex Trebek

By FactsWow Team

Last Conversation

Ken of Jeopardy spoke about the last conversation with Alex.

Media Credits: Deseret News

The disease

The two spoke about stepping in as a temporary host when Alex passed away in November 2020 due to Pancreatic Cancer.

Media Credits: The New York Times

A different interaction

Ken spoke about the last interaction was different. It was not like any other. Ken had come to the studio to rehearse. Alex wanted someone to fill in for him. The producer set up the call with Alex for Ken.

Media Credits: FiveThirtyEight

Weak Voice

Ken got on the call with Alex. His voice was much weaker. But it struck Ken. It was a lot like Alex on the call.

Media Credits: Deseret News

Emotional Convetaation

Alex thanked Ken for filling in. Ken was pretty struck and said he should be the one thanking. He admits not having any idea about Alex passing away in 36 hours.

Media Credits: The Sun

The best friendship

Ken and Alex's friendship grew on Jeopardy. It did see the initial winning strike of Ken on the show. The two even appeared on various specials, Ultimate Tournament of Champions, IBM Challenge, and others.

Media Credits: FiveThirtyEight

Ken's Journey

Ken received much hate before he was announced as the permanent host of Jeopardy, thanks to Alex.

Media Credits: Esquire

Missing the Show

When Ken left the show, he received a call. The makers asked if he was sure about retiring from Jeopardy. Ken was asked if he would like to come abroad. He was excited as he missed the show.

Media Credits: The New York Times

Honor Alex

Ken remembers getting back on the show. He remembers who helped him in getting back in front of the camera. He stepped in as a guest host in 2021. Ken honored Alex.

Media Credits: Jeopardy.com

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