19 Dec, 2022


Kate Winslet on viral Titanic theory survival explained

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With Avatar: Ways of water released last week, the movie Titanic by James Cameron is trending on social media sites, and Jack's survival has been going viral.

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James Cameron test on sharing raft

James Cameron claimed that he tested whether Rose, the character portrayed by Kate Winslet, would have moved over the door if Jack Dawson, the role played by Leonardo DiCaprio, had been able to survive the ship's sinking.

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Kate Winslet's statement in raft

Based on an outlet, Kate Winslet apologized for saying both people might put their feet on the wooden door leading to the life raft.

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Door would have killed Rose and Jack

In one interview, Kate said that putting two adults on a paddle board will a loss of balance and instability, leaving two adults to die if they boarded the door.

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Fans debate on Jack accommodating on door

Fans of the film Titanic have been anticipating the debate for a long time about whether or not he should have climbed up the wooden door that could have saved Jack from drowning.

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Killing jack was the story

During the promotional tour for the new movie Avatar Sequel Cameron always wanted Jack to die for his role in Titanic.

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