17 Dec, 2022


Kate Middleton Dressed Casually In Sneakers For The Annual Christmas Card Presented By The Royal Family

By FactsWow Team

Few surprises!

Earlier this week, the Prince and Princess of Wales released their annual Christmas card with some surprise at Kate Middleton’s choice of shoes she has been wearing for a decade.

Credits: Good Morning America

Happy snapshot!

Prince William and three children in the happy snapshot, Kate wore an airy eyelet button-down shirt with a pair of skinny blue jeans with Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Sneakers.

Credits: Us Weekly

Two pairs of shoes!

The shoes are majorly discounted right now at Amazon for $65. You can get a pair for $28; that is like getting two pairs for the price of one.

Credits: People

Impressive collection!

Kate has an impressive collection of shoes, whereas Superga sneakers have four C's comfort, cost, cycle, and cute factor.

Credits: Yahoo News


Kate wears them to walk around ancient ruins in Belize and carries out her mom's duties with them as it's too comfortable to wear.

Credits: Pinterest

Superga sneakers!

You can buy Superga 2750 Cotu Classic sneakers at Amazon.com for $27.97 - $61.75.

Credits: The Telegraph

Seasonal shoes!

Uggs are trendy seasonal shoes that are the most practical come summer days. Supergas are ideal for all seasons with cotton canvas material and low-ankle cut with breathable and clammy feet.

Credits: British Vogue

Supergas shoes!

These Supergas shoes can be worn on summer evenings with a floral dress, on a holiday trip with sweaters and jeans, and to the office with your everyday fits.

Credits: Evening Standard

Grab it soon!

It's the correct time to buy shoes with the greatest offer. Grab a pair of Superga sneakers before prices shoot back up.

Credits: Us Weekly

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