20 Dec, 2022


Justin Bieber HM Disapproved Latest Collections: 'All Without His Permission

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Justin Bieber h&m Merch

The 'Peaches' singer showed his sadness on Justin Bieber's h&m Merch. He is not happy with the new merchandise. He posted an Instagram story this Monday to prevent her items and clothing attire from the brand.

Credits: Teen Vogue

H&M Justin Bieber Collection

The h&m Justin Bieber collection includes the items like a white photo of his face and a black sweater with a canvas bag and different photos shown among other pieces.

Credits: Rolling Stone

H&M Justin Bieber merch

For H&M Justin Bieber merch, he wrote, 'I did not approve any of hm Justin Bieber merch selection that is put on H&M…...all without my consent and permission. SMH, I wouldn’t buy it if you were.

Credits: Tribune India

Justin Bieber h&m merch

In the second post, he shared 'H&M Merch' as trash and impulse the fans to not buy those items from the store. But H&M said to PEOPLE, 'all were licensed products and partnerships, H&M took into the proper consent approval procedures.

Credits: South China Morning Post

Justin Bieber hm has His own website

Justin Bieber has his set of merchandise for sale that can be seen on his official website, including sweatpants, t-shirts, and hoodies featuring the references and images to the lyrics through his latest album, 'Justice.'

Credits: TheNETng

Drew, a Bieber Clothing line

Justin Bieber has a different clothing line launched in 2019 by him called 'Drew,' recognized as a nod to his middle name. The website of the 'About Us' page, it is described as 'a community where you can be loved, yourself, encouraged and valued.'

Credits: Eonline

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