Just in time for Thanksgiving Wednesday, it Restarts the Addams Family's criticism of Colonialism

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Posted on: 25 Nov, 2022

So it's 1993, and Wednesday, the Addams family is sent to a summer camp. The camp counsellors force her to do things she is against. Everything we can witness in the eight-hour-long show.

Wednesday is asked to be cast as Pocahontas

The Addams family has sent Wednesday to the summer camp. She isn't happy. The camp counsellors are adding to the pain by asking Wednesday to play the part of Pocahontas in the Thanksgiving Theme Play.

The Chipper Amanda and Pocahontas Wednesday

Amanda plays the beautiful, kind pilgrim lady Sarah Miler who invited Pocahontas for the Thanksgiving meal with them

Wednesday loses the temper

Wednesday breaks away from the script while she accuses Sarah Miller of taking away their land. She tells Sarah of all the pain her people are going through the sell bracelets and drink Highballs. After the downfall, Wednesday adds that her gods have asked her never to trust Sarah Miller

Wednesday Addams to destroy the Pilgrims

After Wednesday finishes her speech, she declares she will destroy the Pilgrim Villages for all the injustice she and her people are going through

Wednesday Addams-Pillar of jUstice

The scene of Wednesday Addams losing it at Sarah Miller has gained huge interest from the millennials. Hence the show is set to release on November 23.

The Makers take

Gough and Milar have spoken about the involvement of American oppressors who colonised one part of the society while the other suffered.Hence, through Addams's family and the character of Wednesday, they will be deeply portraying the injustice that happened during Colonialism.

The Addams

The Addams are always going to be viewed as outsiders. The pilgrims view them as strange, kooky, and funny and Addams are ways laughed upon

The Goody Addams

The makers, Milars and Gough, while working on the Project, will showcase the character of Goody Addams, who always tried to protect and save his people from the Pilgrims.

Outcasts vs Normies

While the making of Wednesday was in process, the makers were inspired by Charles Cartoons and wanted to show and celebrate the ignored part of society

Outsiders and Immigrants

The show Wednesday will address all the injustice and active criticism of Colonialism which is still affecting some parts of the world during ten modern age.

The character Wednesday

The makers spoke Wednesday is a Latin character that has never been portrayed. It is the first time through this genre that the audience can view an amazing character and storyline.

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