Judges Discover Frontrunners And One Who's 'Surely Top 10' On 'American Idol'

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Posted on: 06 Mar, 2023

An ever-striving talent

People with this talent constantly strive to learn new things, and the release of American Idol Season 21 Episode 3 is just around the corner.

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Stardom is a journey

A 21-year-old singer named Jon Wayne Hatfield took the stage. Hatfield, whose grandparents nurtured him during his formative years in Ohio, began his journey to stardom.

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Grandfather accompanying him

During Jon's audition, his grandfather, Ray, tells him he is gay after his wife dies. He is accompanied by his grandfather, Ray, as Jon's mother goes with him.

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Ashley's attempts

It has been 15 attempts for Ashley Tankard to become an American Idol contestant, and hopefully, this will be her lucky day.

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Enhancement of pronunciation

During her performance of 'You Broke Me First' by Tate McRae, the 22-year-old becomes emotional. They ask her to sing it once more with improved pronunciation.

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Luke compliments Ashley

The chorus's high notes frighten Ashley, and Lionel knows she is stressed. Luke compliments Ashley on her 'excellent tone.'

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Lionel will make the decision

The problem is that Ashley needs to gain self-confidence. Luke does not believe Ashley is ready, but Katy offers her a chance. Lionel will determine whether Ashley is ready.

Credits: American Idol Wiki-Fandom

Taken up music as a hobby

He joins Luke in Bill Green's performance of 'Under a Neon Halo.' Cody Winkler, a truck driver, is interested in taking up music.

Credits: Insider

An outstanding performance

An age-21 teacher's assistant performs 'For Tonight' by Given for Matt Wilson as he prepares for his next life phase.

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Continuation of luke

During the performance, Lionel remarked, 'You have simplicity and sincerity. The performance was full of sincerity, truth, and honesty, said Luke.

Credits: Fox News

Breathtaking performance

She performs 'I'm Almost There' by Lonestar in a stunning performance. He hasn't attended her birthday in almost ten years but will return next year.

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