Josh Roloff, brother of LPBW star Matt, died in 1999. What happened to him

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Posted on: 05 Aug, 2022

In a recent Instagram post, Matt shared a throwback photo of himself and his siblings. It was then confirmed that Ronald, his father of 84 years, had died in August, which came as a complete shock to followers.

The discovery of Matt's heritage and family has sparked curiosity among fans. This has caused them to notice that he lost his brother Josh in 1999. In our investigation of the Roloff child, we looked into what happened to him.

In addition to his two-year-old brother Matt, Joshua Luke Roloff had two siblings. Having been born with a heart defect, he underwent several operations as a child.

A complicated birth was revealed by Matt in his 2017 book Tall Odds: Being A David In A Goliath World. Despite being given a 30 percent chance of survival, Josh lived until he was 30 years old.

It wasn't until Matt uploaded a social media photo of the siblings together that many Little People Big World fans found out he has a brother. Joshua was not like his brother Matt, who was a little person.

As a result of heart and lung problems, Josh passed away in 1999 at the age of 34. Due to a severe heart defect, he was born with a severely deformed heart. A special dedication was made to Josh in the Roloff family's book, Little Family, Big Values.

Ron Roloff and Peggy Roloff, who frequently appear on Little People, Big World, left behind three siblings and their parents. Their heights are average, as is his older sister's.

There are two other siblings in Matt's family, including Samuel George and Ruth Margret. Despite not appearing in Little People's Big World, the father of Samuel Roloff confirmed that Samuel is a little person like him, six years younger than he.

Often he paints oil paintings with his younger brother Sam, who is the founder of Back-Story Underpainting. Having lived in Prague, Czech Republic, from 1994 to 1995, he now lives in Portland after being born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area.

A fan wrote: 'Didn't realize you had so many siblings.', about Matt and his siblings having biblical names. It's nice to have siblings.' Another reacted: 'Wow, nice to have all the biblical names.' Where have they been on the show.

After having four children, Roloff's father raised them with three of his siblings, just like he had done when he was a child. With his former partner Amy, 57, he has three sons, Jacob, 25, Zach, 31, and Jeremy, 31, and a daughter, Molly, 28.

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