The Jonas Brothers and Their First Music Tour as Fathers

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The Jonas Brothers are all set to start their very first tour as dads. The excitement is massive as everyone is eager to see the biggest tour at Yankee Stadium.

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The Jonas Brothers First Tour as Fathers

The famous trio is ready to set out on their very first music tour as fathers of adorable children. The Jonas Brothers, Joe, Kevin, and Nick, will make this tour their biggest tour at Yankee Stadium. Isn't it exciting to see them in The Bronx earlier this week?

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The Back-to-School Campaign

The Jonas brothers are also working with The Children's Place. The three brothers told the reporters that they have decided to join hands with an American childrenswear brand. The Jonas Brothers have joined hands with the brand' The Children's Place.'

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Get ready to see the brand's 2023 Back to School campaign. You will be amazed by the exciting stories the new dads will narrate about fatherhood while touring for the first time as dads.

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Nick's Remarks on This Music Tour

Nick Jonas had an amazing perspective about their music tour while being a father now. He said that it is all about being available at all moments if one can. He will specifically work his best to make sure he is always present. But all this varies among people. Nick Jonas also mentioned that they have been making music and touring on the road for a long time now. It's like a part of their DNA, very important.

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Kevin's Thoughts About This Music Tour Experience

Kevin Jonas has two amazing daughters, Alena, who is nine, and Valentina, who is six says that his daughters enjoy travelling on the road. They are always excited to join him on his tour just to see their father play the music at sold-out shows. But the girls also have school. So, when it's school time, the girls are at home. To connect with their dad, they Facetime him before he goes on the stage.

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Kevin also says that he FaceTimes his daughters while they do their homework. Sometimes he is getting prepped for the stage, but he is thinking about how fourth-grade maths has changed. He went on to laugh while saying how he is a little more nervous this year regarding his ability to help.

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The Special Song 'Little Bird'

The Jonas brothers are all set to sing the special song Little Bird from their latest album called ‘The Album’. This will be their way of honouring their daughters. Joe feels that it's a song that should be shared with other parents.

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He says that it's a song that will make everyone, who has a parent or a parent figure, imagine that person. Joe mentions how delighted he is to creatively set the stage for such a special song.

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The Jonas Brothers, everyone's favourite musicians, are starting their first music tour after becoming fathers. No doubt they have come very far.

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