Johnny Depp: Get Back To Old Habits & Sabotages His Career Return

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Posted on: 30 Dec, 2022

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp had a tricky 2022 with a trial he assumed to win against Amber Heard. One could think that he’ll change after facing the negative press. But, before the trial, he appeared strange in on-set behavior.

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Depp Was Stressed With The Problems

The Sources revealed that Depp was stressed by the problems he faced with his former wife. Though, he seems like the same old Depp. He treated co-workers terribly before the trial and was rude to the director, Maiwenn Le Besco, when he filmed ‘Jeanne du Barry.’

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Actor Bernard Montiel

The Actor, Bernard Montiel, exposed the rumors at the time of the French talk show ‘Touche pa a mon poste!’ in October that the director and Depp clashed during the shooting hours. He had verbal violence to another co-worker at various film-set.

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Montiel created the Revelations

Montiel said, ‘I have listened to some noise from the shoot. It is serious stuff. Though Depp is a brilliant actor, he came on set at six in the morning, and the crew was ready, but he had conflicts with Maiwenn, the director, over the week. Both were screaming at each other.

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Pirates of the Caribbean

In the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ production, Depp turned tarnished for lateness and constant complaints. He had severe drinking problems, a lateness habit that left many people waiting for hours on the set, and physical bouts with Amber Heard.

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Producer, Jerry Bruckheimer

The producer, Jerry Bruckheimer, took his defense and said Depp was under pressure at those time. Now, he isn’t under that pressure and again back to his old habits.

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