26 Dec, 2022


Johnny Depp Continues To Be Boycotted From Hollywood

By FactsWow Team

Revive career

Johnny Depp is trying to revive his career since he won to Amber after she accused him of domestic violence.

Credits: Just Jared

Wife Beater

The UK trial declared Depp a wife-beater, and things got worse. But this year, he won the case a huge burden of false accusations was removed from his head.

Credits: Hollywood Life

Settling the case

Amber said she is settling the case with Depp but has lost faith in the US legal system. She will be paying $ 1 million to Depp.

Credits: Daily Star

Movies dropped

Now that the defamation is taken off Depp's head and after six years when he lost the Fantastic Beast 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Credits: Hollywood Life

Singing at concerts

Even after winning the case, Johnny still needs to sign a script for a Hollywood movie. He is trying to revive his career by singing at concerts and will make a comeback in movies with a French movie Jeanne Du Barry.

Credits: Daily Mail

Hollywood to Steer Depp

A source suggested that the directors will steer Depp. He won't be redeemed. He will have to start from zero all over again.

Credits: Pinterest

No new movie

It is easy to consider that no director has offered any script to Depp. Although earlier producer Jerry Bruckheimer of Pirates of the Caribbean said, he would like to work with Depp again.

Credits: British Vogue

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