Another Chance At Love; Joey Graziadei Is The New Bachelor

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Bachelor Season 28

The Bachelor Season 28 has announced Joey Graziadei as the new bachelor for the upcoming season. This shocking turn of events has been tagged as a second chance at love by many.

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About Joey Graziadei

Joey Graziadei is currently 28 years old. He graduated from West Chester University in Pennsylvania. He is an avid stargazer and loves to be out on the golf course, hiking and chasing waterfalls.

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His Zodiac Sign

Born on May 24th, 1995, Joey is a proud Gemini who enjoys the beautiful melody of country music.

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His Love For Tennis

Graziadei has a great love for tennis. According to him he loves teaching tennis and spends his “days on the court and evenings on the beach watching the sunset with friends.”

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Star in Bachelorette

If you don't already know. Joey Graziadei was one of the last two finalists in the just concluded season of the bachelorette starring Charity Lawson.

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Sad Heartbreak After losing Charity Lawson

After going through thick and thin together, it was a devastating moment for both Charity and Joey, when they had to part ways after their rose room moment.

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Another Chance At Love

Now after losing his first love at the Bachelorette, it seems like fate is on his side as Joey has been given another chance to find true love.

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Announcement Date

Graziadei was officially announced as the next Bachelor for Season 28 of the ABC dating reality series on Aug. 21 during “The Bachelorette” finale.

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Joey's Quest For True Love

In his statement after the announcement was made public Joey said 'I'm looking for someone that's just themselves. Someone that challenges me. Someone to do life with,'

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Next Season Premiere

Although the announcement for the Bachelor season 28 has been made, the show will not kick off until next year giving Joey the time to get his acts in order.

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The Golden Bachelor Spin-Off

Meanwhile, Gerry Turner, the 71-year-old is making history as the first senior citizen contestant, as “The Golden Bachelor.”

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Date The Show Kicks Off

The Golden Bachelor will premiere on September 28th. So while we wait for the Bachelor season 28 to kick off next year, we have a show to look forward to next month.

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