Joe Francis gets slammed for Kylie Jenner's birthday pic  

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Posted on: 15 Aug, 2022

A tweet from Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis celebrating Kylie Jenner's birthday last week drew criticism. For every birthday since she turned 10, the reality TV star has shown her television screens her life. Girls Gone Wild was founded in 1997 by Joe Francis.

Kylie has documented all aspects of her life since she began filming for her family's reality show when she was in elementary school. The makeup mogul also threw lavish parties. In pursuit of her 18th birthday, Kylie talked about wishing her time away for seasons.

It wasn't until 2015 that Kylie's 18th birthday celebrations began, which she had wished for in many episode confessionals. During one celebration, the stars of The Kardashians gathered at Joe's Mexico estate to celebrate the youngest sister's birthday.

The fans were shocked to learn that Kylie chose the estate of the guy from Girls Gone Wild for her celebration of turning 18. In honor of Kylie's 25th birthday, Joe shared a photo from the Mexico bash this past week.

According to the photo, Joe appears to be looking at the newly 18-year-old. The headline of Joe's Instagram caption reads, 'Happy Birthday @kyliejenner!! I'm so proud of you and all your success!!' Joe also added, 'It seems like yesterday we were celebrating your 18th birthday together.'

Fans of the Kardashians fired back with multiple criticisms, including, 'You didn't have a better picture — one where you weren't checking her out?'

Adding on to his comment, Joe wrote, 'All straight men are looking at beautiful women.' He then added, 'That's why I'm so successful.' Taking his opinion to the next level, Joe argued that the person who posted the questionable comment first was the one coming across oddly.

Is it possible you hate God for making us in this way? No other straight man is different, or girls gone wild would not have made billions of dollars.' As he continued to think, 'Why would you think that? I used to date her sister @kourtneykardash.' 'I've got three sisters too. You can't have sex with your sisters!' I used to date her sister @kourtneykardash.'

Kylie Jenner, a member of the Kardashian family, has a loyal fanbase who always has her back. Today, most people have no idea who Joe Francis is.

Since Girls Gone Wild stormed the industry, he and his disgusting website have disappeared. Joe will use any memory, including the famous sisters, to gain more likes, since Kylie is likely too busy to notice the birthday shout-out.

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