Joao Franco Slammed by Fans for His Insensitive Remark to Aesha Scott on Below Deck Down Under

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Some piping hot tea is brewing between Joao Franco and Aesha Scott on Below Deck Down Under. Insensitive Joao made a rude remark to chief stew Aesha while out partying and fans are completely outraged. Lets break down exactly what Joao said, the context around it, Aesha response, how fans reacted by slamming Joao online and what the future holds for this fiery feud. Get ready for some major drama!

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The Offensive Comment That Started It All

Joao tried flirting with Aesha while on a crew night out but she rejected his advances. A drunk and frustrated Joao then shockingly stated to Aesha 'You're not even pretty enough to be creepy with.' Aesha was incredibly hurt and angry walking away and calling Joao immature and disrespectful. This insensitive comment completely crossed the line.

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Why Fans Were So Disgusted

Viewers were well aware that Joao and Aesha have a tense history after clashing on Below Deck Mediterranean. Fans hoped Joao had changed for the better since then. But his ugly remark proved otherwise showcasing blatant disrespect towards women. Critics thought Joao immaturity was especially appalling given his redemption arc. The offensive jab totally undid opinions of Joao growth.

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The Flood of Backlash Against Joao

Fans immediately flooded social media to express their outrage. Many slammed Joao as a JERK and BULLY with no respect for women. Some called for his firing from the show. Others were disappointed fJoao sank to this level when he had potential for responsibility. Most agreed the senseless jab was uncalled for.

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Support Showered on Aesha From Disgusted Fans

Fans also rushed to console Aesha while trashing Joao. They flooded her social media with praise for being beautiful inside and out. Aesha gained major validation that she is admired while Joao was scorned. The outpouring of support firmly placed fans on Team Aesha.

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Joao Half-Hearted Attempt to Justify His Words

An unapologetic Joao attempted dismissing his remark as a joke. But fans saw right through his feeble justification. They demanded a direct and sincere apology to Aesha from Joao. Joao only offered a vague social media video claiming he hoped to mend their relationship someday.

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What This Means for the Reality Stars Futures

This altercation can significantly impact Joao and Aesha time on the boat. Joao may also lose crew respect and fan support. But ideally the two would reconcile showing professionalism and teamwork. There is still time for personal growth and learning here.

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