22 Dec, 2022


Joan Collins and Jaclyn Smith Have 'Ladies of the 80s' Reunion at Designer Mark Zunino's Holiday Party

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Viewers Across America

In a 2016 interview, Jaclyn Smith reflected on how the show changed her and viewers across America.

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The Makeup Artist

Jaclyn Smith, 77 years old, said one of her party guests, Barneys She, a New York-based makeup artist, in another of her Instagram posts shared by her artist Patrick Foley, with her friends. You can see them posing together.

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The Queen

The British actress played the mother of the fictional Queen of England (Elizabeth Hurley) in The Royals, which premiered in 2015. She continued to work in television long after the dynasty ended. She also announced her birth to Prince Charles that same year.

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The Holidays

Joan Collins and Jaclyn Smith celebrate the holidays together. On Tuesday, Joan Collins, 89 years old, shared a photo of herself next to her Hollywood star Jaclyn Smith at a gala hosted by her famous designer Mark Zunino.

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The Caption

Joan Collins captioned that post, 'Awesome Christmas, her 80's lady leading the beautiful @realjaclynsmith TV with her party @mark_zunino and @rene_horsch!'

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The Christmas Party

'Last night's Rene and Mark Christmas Party was so much fun with two of the nicest and most stylish people on the planet, her dear friends @catherinebach and @realjaclynsmith,' Foley captioned the post.

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The Popular TV Show

In the 1980s, Joan Collins and Jaclyn Smith appeared on popular television shows and were familiar faces on the small screen.

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Other Artist

Joan Collins played Alexis Colby in Dynasty, which ran from 1981 to 1989, alongside Katherine Oxenberg, John Forsyth, and Michael Praid.

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Charlie's Angels

Meanwhile, Jaclyn Smith appeared in her TV series Her Charlie's Angels, playing Kelly Her Garrett. She was the only Angel to appear in all five seasons from 1976 to 1981.

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The Independence

“It was a breakthrough. It was three women who were emotionally and financially independent. We were filming in beautiful locations in flashy, fast cars.

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