07 Jan, 2023


Jimmy Fallon Enjoyed ‘Almost Famous’ Musical, Says ‘That Was Emotional’

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Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon has cheered up the nostalgic blast from the past. He attended a late-night talk show of performance on Broadway where he portrayed Dennis Hope for the stage adaptation of a 2000 movie. He made this movie debut as a road manager, Hope.

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Songwriter Tom Kitt and Miranda

On Thursday, Casey pulled Fallon to the Stage, where he joined the curtain call of the evening. After the show, he sat down and took pictures with songwriters Tim Kitt, Crowe, and Lin-Manuel Miranda, who composed musicals and penned down the lyrics.

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Fallon’s Statement about ‘Almost Famous’

Fallon said that he hadn’t watched the film, ‘Almost Famous’ since its premiere 20 years ago. He couldn’t believe that he was in the film and saw himself as part of the Broadway performance. ‘I went back in time, go through all the actors, and saw Jake Hart on delivering my lines,’ he added.

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Fallon Saluted the Performance

Fallon saluted the performance and said, ‘Every line in the show is mind-blowing. I tried to get emotional but I thought Cameron is a mastermind. It was the emotional way and ended in sitting next to Cameron’.

Media Credits: New York Post

The Whole Act Was Special

Fallon said that it was Cameron who led me. I did the whole second act with Cameron. The scenes were special and emotional. On ‘The Tonight Show,’ Fallon was invited as a guest to participate in the November performance.

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