04 Jan, 2023


Jeremy Renner In Intensive Care After Second Surgery For Blunt Chest Trauma And Injury

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Jeremy Renner’s Chest Trauma

Jeremy Renner (51 years old) was left with blunt chest trauma and severe skeletal injuries after being run over by the snowcat plow he was using to clear his driveway.

Credits: The Hamilton Spectator

The Second Surgery

The Marvel star is now undergoing a second surgery following his first one yesterday to begin what will be a long road to recovery.

Credits: The Sun

The Oscar Nominee

The two-time Oscar nominee was trying to clear the grounds of his five-bedroom Lake Tahoe ranch from heavy snow.

Credits: Extar

The Incident

However, it is said that the safety on his PistenBully snow blower failed, and his leg ran over the vehicle.

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The Blood Loss

A neighbor said to be a doctor rushed to the scene to help, putting a tourniquet on his leg to stop the blood loss.

Credits: Wikipedia

The Critical Condition

However, he was reportedly still extensively bleeding when he was airlifted to the hospital on Sunday morning and remains in critical condition today.

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Support From Fans

The actor’s reps have confirmed his status publicly, while fans have rushed online to inundate him with support.

Credits: Daily Mail

The Good News

They can confirm Jeremy Renner is in critical but stable condition with injuries suffered after experiencing a weather-related accident while plowing snow earlier today, the statement read.

Credits: Publick

Jeremy Renner’s Family

They added that his family is with him and receiving excellent care. The snow groomer Jeremy Renner model that caused the injury is no longer available on the brand’s website, but it is still being sold as a secondhand vintage model on sites such as eBay.

Credits: Just Jared

The S.W.A.T

He is also passionate about modifying trucks and reportedly owns a collection of at least 200 pieces. The actor, who has starred in films such as S.W.A.T and 28 Weeks Later, is popular in his community because trucks, ambulances, and snowplows are used to deal with extreme weather.

Credits: Pinterest

The Actor’s Woes

That included wildfires and blizzards, but the open-minded star was also known to help out at a local homeless shelter.

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Scenes Of 1st Jan 2023

Around 9 a.m. on Jan. 1, 2023, the Washoe County Sheriff's Office responded to a traumatic injury in the area of ​​Mount Rose Highway in Reno, Nevada, he said.

Credits: TV Spielfilm

The Arrival

Upon arrival, the agent coordinated with the Truckee Meadows Fire District and REMSA Health to arrange medical transportation for Mr. Jeremy Renner to a local hospital by Care Flight.

Credits: News18

The Only Involved Party

He confirmed that the showbiz favorite was 'the only person involved' in the accident. The sheriff said the Washoe County Sheriff's Office's Serious Accident Investigation Team is investigating the incident's circumstances.

Credits: Us Weekly

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