Jenna Ortega's dance as Wednesday Addams went viral on Tiktok

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Posted on: 07 Dec, 2022


A Tim Burton thriller, the Addams pulls off a spin-off, dazzling Gottish moves.

Nevermore Academy

Wednesday Addams, in episode 4, shows some dazzling dance moves at the Nevermore Academy.

Murder Spree

In the school of outsiders, Wednesday keeps her sarcasm up and tries to stop a beast during a murder spree.

Kooky dance

Fans on Tiktok are doing their version of the kooky dance. It involves back flips, unblinking eyes, and flinging the arms.

Argentine Tango

Wednesday, Addam's dance is a part of spooky shiny and a part of C-3PO to set the dance floor by storm.

Tiktok user writes

One of the Tiktok uploaded a video and wrote. That's how I am going to dance at every party now. The user's diverse moves got 70 million views.

Jenna Ortega choreographed the dance

Jenna Ortega plays Wednesday Addams. In the episode, she plays the morose lead.

Paying homage

Jenna's moves pay tribute to the typical Addams family with her dance moves. Some way, the real Wednesday taught dance to Lurch in the 60s sitcom.

Goo Goo Muck by The Cramps

Jenna danced as Wednesday on Goo Goo Muck while the Tiktok users were dancing to Gaga's Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga.

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