Jeff Hardy gone off track his match against WWE Hall of Famer on Dynamite by a 7 ft 2 AEW star

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Who supports Jarret ?

The match on yesterday night was insane, beyond our expectations, certainly what happened in Massacre Death seems not for real. It is so distressing in the recent episodes that Hardy forfeited to Jarrett with the support of AEW diva who is 7 ft 2 in WWE Hall.

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Hardy and Jarrett quarreled in the ring

People endorsed the latest Texas Chainsaw Massacre mortal combat in the most recent release of Dynamite.There was anarchy throughout the fight. AEW tweet that for this Texas Chainsaw Massacre mortal combat Hardy seems extra primed.

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Karen supported her husband

Even Karen got to take part in the ring for her husband.. In the anarchy of AWE, the legendary 7 ft 2 Satnam was shown. Ethan, Zay (brother) and Matt hurry for the savage of Jeff otherwise Karen was going to gasp Jeff with the wall. After the untamed fight, the tournament finally came back in the form.A climax was seen in the fight Jarret got smacked by Hardy with the table top but Lethal erect their positions between them.

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Tensity was looming between them

Because they had been plotting different sides with each other so in the last few days tensity was looming between Jarrett and Hardy. Between the fight Jeff smacks Hardy with a guitar so for the savage Singh gets involved and disburses Hardy with his neck.The fight turned to a new climax. Suddenly Chainsaw pops up and introduces a strange tug by whirl his bubba to Karen. Regardless how fearlessly Hardy attempted in the fight, it was still a loss to him. And he can't make it against the WWE Hall of Famer, and he wins on top.

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Hardy was at all lost

Hardy tried to make his full effort in the fight but sometimes fate is not in support and we can't win. The show had an amazing twist and climax in between. And there was a lot of post viral after the WWE that how unexpectedly chainsaw appear in the fight and fans showing their interest in tweets

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It was so unexpected in the episodes of WWE that Jarret wins against Hardy. The 7ft 2 AEW diva played a great role in this win.The show started behind the stage between Hardy and Jarrett, other players butt into fight and start hitting each other. That was another fight behind the stage.Then commenters tried their best to stop them but they did not eavesdrop on it. During the fight in the ring Karen even tried to choke his neck, luckily his brother with some other people came up in the fight and saved him. By the end that fight was in favor of Jarrett and he tops.

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