Jaques & Luca are bullies according to Remi Lambert on Love Island UK

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Posted on: 12 Aug, 2022

It was Luca Bish and Jaques O'Neill who Remi Lambert accused of bullying her on Love Island UK. Luca and Jaques mocked Remi on Instagram.A contestant on Love Island UK's season 8 has accused her co-stars, Jaques O'Neill and Luca Bish, of bullying. A few weeks into the villa, Remi was evicted after Danica Bush partnered up with Luca.

It aired its finale in the UK on August 1st, although Hulu viewers will have to wait another week. Despite its high ratings, Love Island season 8 was criticized for bullying.He was one of the most polarizing contestants on Love Island UK for his relationship with co-star Gemma Owen years prior to its debut.

It was criticized for how he treated female islanders, particularly his partner Paige Thorne. UK media regulator Ofcom received complaints after the athlete insulted Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu. Luca, who dated Gemma, developed a close relationship with her ex. In the end, Jaques self-eliminated, after former islander Adam Collard returned to the villa for Paige. In his claim.

In his decision to put his mental health first, he earned both praise and sympathy. Jaques and Luca, however, are actually bullies, according to Remi.

Remi wrote a long caption about Luca and Jaques and included a clip from their recent Instagram Live. Luca and Jaques made fun of Remi after someone impersonating him joined. 'Don't know why these guys are so against me,' the rapper wrote.

These 'clear signs of bullying' demonstrated Jaques' true colors, according to the model. Luca encouraged the taunting of Gemma, whose behavior toward Gemma earned backlash from fans. 'I wish everyone could see how bad it all was,' the bombshell continued.

In spite of Jaques' apology, Remi said, 'like 10 minutes later he started with the snide remarks again. I have tried to avoid him multiple times but he always ends up starting again.'

A diagnosis of ADHD was used by Jaques' family to explain his actions. Despite many fans' outrage, the 23-year-old became a spokesman for ADHD in his post-show media rounds. The caption of Remi read, 'Worst person to represent mental health and ADHD campaigns.

He's still mocking not just me but other islanders too.' Finally, he wrote, 'These guys are not role models or good people.' Tasha Ghouri of Love Island season 8 as well as Amber Rose Gill, both liked the post, which was viewed over 200K times. 'They don't care about my mental health.'

It was also Luca who bullied Tasha, the show's first hearing impaired contestant. In the days leading up to the Instagram Live, a video showed Jaques mocking her. Ofcom received 5,000 complaints about misogyny in 2015, many of which were about the bullying of Tasha.

In response to those complaints, network executives promised to conduct a post-season review. Earlier in the season, however, they dismissed racism-related editing allegations. Over the years, the show has made efforts to be more diverse.

The producers also promised to improve duty-of-care, including on-site counseling and aftercare. The latest controversy, however, suggests that there is still a long way to go. The show is confirmed to return in 2023, so viewers will have to wait to see what changes are made.

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