03 Jan, 2023


Janet Von Schmeling And Drake Bell Separated After 4 Years Of Marriage

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Janet and Drake’s breakup

It’s an end now. Drake Bell and his wife, Janet Von Schmeling, have been separated after completing their four years of marriage.

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Janet Von Schmeling

On January 2, Monday, the sources revealed that Janet, 28, and Bell, 36, parted away last year. Janet shared through Instagram that the duos had been ‘separated’ in November 2022 but later removed the post.

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Janet’s Instagram Post On Marriage Issues

One month later, Janet clued at the marriage issues, writing on Instagram, ‘I am trying and HEALING to find peace. This’ll be my process and my son stay with me. We’re in Florida and safe, finding our new home forever here’.

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Medical Officer, Dr. Lawrence Weinstein

As per reports, the chief medical officer, Dr. Lawrence Weinstein, said that Bell’s code of conduct became a part of the increasing split. Based on facts & figures, more than 11% misused inhalant abuse last year. It is very dangerous and causes sudden death or cognitive impairment’.

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Drake Bell Tweeted a post in July 2021

Drake Bell, who remained tight-lipped about his personal life, surprised the fans that he was a husband and father. He tweeted in July 2021, ‘I’ve been married for three years, and we’re delighted to be the parents of an amazing son. Thank you so much for all the followers worldwide and their good wishes.

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The Musician was Charged with an Incident

In July 2021, the musician Drake Bell was charged with a suspected incident. Initially, he was found not guilty. Later, he altered his plea and was found guilty for an unproven incident in December 2017 in Ohio of Cleveland, where he performed his concert.

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Tyler Sinclair

A spokesman of the Cuyahoga Province Prosecutor’s Office, Tyler Sinclair, said, ‘Drake Bell had dishonored his duty of care and hence, created a peril of harm to the suspected victim. The investigation unveiled that Bell sent inappropriate social media messages to victim while leading up to the musical concert’.

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Bell was condemned to two years of probation

One month later, Drake Bell was sentenced to two years of trial. He said, ‘I want to say that I accept this charge due to my wrong behavior. I am sorry I hurt the victim, but that wasn’t my purpose. I take this matter seriously.

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Janet took Side of Bell during Legal Woes

Janet took Bell’s side at the time of Legal Woes, and later she showed support to her husband in the mid of a quarrel with Josh Peck. Janet later shared her story on social media after an awkward moment between her and Bell.

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